35 Housekeeping bags and great experience

housekeeping bag, small bag, gray bag

My next challenge came from the hotel i used to work and it  was to design bags specially for housekeeping girls.
The requisites were.. not too big, to be fixed on the uniform and to have pocket for ipad which girls used for work.
As the trousers of uniform were in gray colour the bags were made in gray too.

I had to find solution  how to fix the bag and in the same time to remove  it easaly , because the uniforms pased daily wash.
Some belt wasn´t good idea as the work of housekeeping is physical and the girls run a lot and the belt will move and certainly will bother them.
What I did was to sew 2 buttons to the trousers and  make buttonhole on the bag. The problem resolved.
All requisites were completed and the girls were very happy to wear their new comfortable bags.

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